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महाराष्ट्राची यशोगाथा महाराष्ट्राची शौर्यकथा, लावुनी कपाळी शिवशाही भगवा टीळा, अपिॅतो बाप्पा मोरया चरणी प्रथम माथा.

हिंदू संस्कृती आपली, मराठी आपली शान, ढोल वाजवून साजरा करू आणि वाढवू महाराष्ट्राची शान.

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As Indians, we are used to make all our celebrations grand – living life king-size! No celebration is complete without the beats of Dhol. Whether it’s the Durga festival or Ganesh festival people love to groove on the beats of Dhol.
Especially Ganeshotsav is incomplete sans the Dhol tasha beats that welcome our beloved Bappa.
Our city has witnessed many great groups of young boys and girls forming a dhol tasha group to mark the celebration. We are the best and grooviest groups that will always and without exception get you dancing to our tunes!
ShivGarjana Dhol Tasha Pathak was started by Mr. Pratik Tete on 1 December 2015 by the thaught to keep our hindu sanskruti alive and by that doing some social works/activities for the betterment of society.
We perform in religious programs like Ganpati Visarjan, Navratri, Gudi Padva etc.

ShivGarjana Dhol Tasha Pathak, Nagpur
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